BlancaHello. I am Blanca Herrera and responsible for organizing the Mobile Catholic Institute programs. I’m going to review a little history of this Mobile Institute, which is probably news to some of you.

Nearly four years ago the Catholic Institute for Evangelization, located on Fifth Street, in Philadelphia, closed its doors. In that building many training programs were offered to Catholics for several years and many people have benefited, and still benefit, from such trainings.

The building closed its doors but the spirit of the Institute was preserved. The former Catholic Institute for Evangelization changed from an immobile Institute to a mobile Institute that takes those programs to the parishes that receive them. Actually we offer programs of marriage preparation or Pre-Cana; Quinceañeras, for young women who want to celebrate their fifteen birthday with a blessing in the Church( Spanish version of Sweet Sixteen); Church Ministry Program (CMI); leadership programs; retreats, etc., and always ready to add others in the future.

Now let’s talk specifically about the Programa de Ministerio Eclesial, parallel to Church Ministry Institute offered at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, in English of course; instead, we offer it in Spanish for your convenience, and at a reasonable price. This program consists of three years of study of the Church with four courses each year at the end of which a certificate is issued from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and received on graduation day at the Seminary. The classes take place once a week, two and a half hours each.

We are currently offering this program at the following locations in the Archdiocese: Center Our Lady of Fatima , Bensalem (Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3); Holy Innocents, Philadelphia (Year 1 & Year 2) ; St. Thomas Aquinas), Philadelphia (Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3); St. Helena), in Philadelphia (Year 3; St. Martin de Tours, in Philadelphia (Year 1); St. Patrick, Norristown (Year 1).

Year 3 group that graduated this past June 2013, receiving the certificate from Archbishop Charles Chaput, attended classes at St. Martin of Tours.
The program consists of three years. Year 1 and Year 2 offer four individual courses of six classes each; Year 3 offers three individual courses of eight classes each. There is a total of 24 classes every year.

General theme of Year 1: “Scripture and Salvation History”. The individual courses are Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, and Marian-Eucharistic Devotion

General theme of Year 2: “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. The individual courses are Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer.

General theme of Year 3: “Formation of lay pastoral”. The individual courses are Lay Ministry in the New Evangelization, Leadership and Service, and Parish Ministry Skills. As you can see, the range covers the most important issues.
If you decide to participate in these courses, they would add to the knowledge you have of your Church and help in any ministry in which you are serving. If you do not participate in any, it will enrich your knowledge and could inspire you to get involved.

It started with Year 1 in parishes that received the program and has successfully incorporated Year 2 and 3 in some of them, as you can see. But to maintain this achievement we need you: the students.
We invite you to participate in these Church Ministry Institute courses of the Mobile Institute to deepen your knowledge of the history and doctrine of your Church. This Church that awaits the visit of Pope Francis in September 2015, at the VIII World Meeting of Families. We must be prepared because all attention will be focused on us, Catholics.

For more information or to register for these courses, please contact Blanca Herrera by calling 215 -667 2824/2820, or by Email at
I cannot conclude without thanking the pastors who have opened their doors to the Institute; priests, religious sisters and lay teachers who have worked and continue to work so diligently to make this possible; and of course, many thanks to the students involved for their commitment, enthusiasm and dedication. We look forward to you, new students.